Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater in Miami FL

When you have a traditional water heater, you’re always in for surprises: cold surprise half-way through your shower, scalding your hands when you turn on the hot water, etc. It happens, always. But these occurrences are not possible when you use a tankless hot water heater as they are capable of sustaining a constant temperature giving you a comfortable shower each time. Not only that, but you will also save money in the long run.

These tankless water heaters work are typically small plumbing appliances hung on the garage. They have a preset temperature so when one turns on the hot faucet, the unit is activates by its flow of water that triggers that heat instantly. It therefore activates the heat when one uses it, not all the time. This is cost efficient because storing water is expensive! Imagine a tank constantly heated for your convenience! With tankless water heaters, you will never have to pay for “standby” water.

One saves good money when they use tankless water heaters. Since the machine do not heat the water all day long, electric usage will also be reduced. The problem with traditional water heaters is that it keeps the water warm all the time so it uses much energy to maintain the temperature of the water. Tankless waters only heats up when you need them to.

Traditional water heaters are also not safe because of the need to constantly heat the water. When it overheats the water, it would always come out as scalding hot — so unsafe! These tanks normally adds cold water to make the outcome more bearable. This practice is very costly to your wallet and to the environment.

Here are some additional benefits of using tankless water heaters:

  • It saves 20 – 50 percent of energy bills such as water and electricity.
  • Space savers! Unlike the traditional water heat, they are small and can be installed at the side of your house, garage, etc. You can even make them invisible by hiding them in the basement closet.
  • Lifetime warranty. Most tankless water heaters come with a lifetime warranty.
  • Say goodbye to water leaks! The logic is simple: no water storage, no water leaks.
  • Friendly to the environment: This plumbing appliance run on fewer fossil fuels so it doesn’t use up much power and releases less energy waste.
  • Stored water is the perfect environment where a certain type of bacteria could thrive. You can avoid this with tankless water heaters because it doesn’t have to store water.

If you need a tankless water heater installed in Miami, then hire the best Miami plumber around.