Clearing a Clogged Sewer Line in Your Boston Home

plumbing contractor BostonWhen it comes tasks related to sewer lines such as cleaning and unclogging, we all need a plumbing contractor in Boston to do this task for us. This is not something an unskilled person can do. It requires the right skills to efficiently finishing the task. Not only that, it also requires the right equipment and tools for the job.

However, there would be times when calling a plumber is not the best idea: drain clog in ungodly hours, lack of extra cash to pay for plumbing service or you simply want to try it yourself because you are interested in plumbing. Here is what you will do:

Before checking anything related to your sewer line, it is recommended that you shut off your main water supply. The shut off valve must be installed near your water heater, garage, in your crawlspace or basement, or outside your home placed inside a water meter box.

Professional plumbers normally clean sewer lines in two steps: by running a drain auger or professional plumber snake and if that doesn’t work, they use a mainline camera to check what’s clogging the main sewer line.

The clog is mainly caused by the following:

  • items flushed inside the toilet such us cloth, toys, and sanitary napkins among others
  • old pipes as it can no longer handle the influx of water and waste especially if you have company at home
  • root intrusion especially in old pipes where roots of nearby trees have intruded over the years

No matter how much interest you have in plumbing, you may not be able to identify the cause of this clog until a mainline camera is in place. So better get the services of a professional Boston plumber to do the job. This task is fairly easy if the right person with the right equipment will do the job. Doing so without the right equipment could mean wasted time, money and effort. Better spend premium money on someone who could do it right the first time.