This Is Why You Don’t Cheap Out on Plumbing in Miami Springs

You may find it weird that my blog is supposedly about food, but my posts are mostly about plumbing and home improvement. I find it odd, too. These past few months, I haven’t had much time to write about the things I want most – cooking. I have been busy in the kitchen, but I may not be able to write about it more often than I would want. I have been more concerned about the plumbing in my home that I find the immediate need to write about it, you know, just to let the stress out and of course, to warn homeowners like you so that you will never have to experience what I’ve been through.

plumbing Miami SpringsMy home in South Florida is a dream come true for me, but it wasn’t perfect. Back when it was still in construction, I didn’t think twice buying expensive furniture and fixtures for decorative purposes, but for some reasons, I decided to go cheap on plumbing in my Miami Springs home. I never thought it would backfire. You see, that area is not something you should cheap out on, like ever. It is an investment where you get what you pay for.

I once experienced an emergency in my home. In my effort to save money, I instructed the plumber that I hired to install low-cost plumbing fixtures and appliances. In my head, I was thinking “cheap or not; it’s all the same.” How wrong I was! As it turned out, the plumber that I hired wasn’t that “professional.” A real expert wouldn’t allow using cheap materials just for the sake of saving money. They know all too well that investing in high-quality stuff is the best way to go.

I learned my lessons and called the real pros the next time I encountered issues with my home’s faulty plumbing system. Hiring Douglas Orr Plumbing is always a breeze. Their contractor would always arrive on time and do their job efficiently. If ever you need a technician in Miami Springs, you can call them at (305) 887-1687. Call them; it’s for your safety.


Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater in Miami FL

When you have a traditional water heater, you’re always in for surprises: cold surprise half-way through your shower, scalding your hands when you turn on the hot water, etc. It happens, always. But these occurrences are not possible when you use a tankless hot water heater as they are capable of sustaining a constant temperature giving you a comfortable shower each time. Not only that, but you will also save money in the long run.

These tankless water heaters work are typically small plumbing appliances hung on the garage. They have a preset temperature so when one turns on the hot faucet, the unit is activates by its flow of water that triggers that heat instantly. It therefore activates the heat when one uses it, not all the time. This is cost efficient because storing water is expensive! Imagine a tank constantly heated for your convenience! With tankless water heaters, you will never have to pay for “standby” water.

One saves good money when they use tankless water heaters. Since the machine do not heat the water all day long, electric usage will also be reduced. The problem with traditional water heaters is that it keeps the water warm all the time so it uses much energy to maintain the temperature of the water. Tankless waters only heats up when you need them to.

Traditional water heaters are also not safe because of the need to constantly heat the water. When it overheats the water, it would always come out as scalding hot — so unsafe! These tanks normally adds cold water to make the outcome more bearable. This practice is very costly to your wallet and to the environment.

Here are some additional benefits of using tankless water heaters:

  • It saves 20 – 50 percent of energy bills such as water and electricity.
  • Space savers! Unlike the traditional water heat, they are small and can be installed at the side of your house, garage, etc. You can even make them invisible by hiding them in the basement closet.
  • Lifetime warranty. Most tankless water heaters come with a lifetime warranty.
  • Say goodbye to water leaks! The logic is simple: no water storage, no water leaks.
  • Friendly to the environment: This plumbing appliance run on fewer fossil fuels so it doesn’t use up much power and releases less energy waste.
  • Stored water is the perfect environment where a certain type of bacteria could thrive. You can avoid this with tankless water heaters because it doesn’t have to store water.

If you need a tankless water heater installed in Miami, then hire the best Miami plumber around.

Clearing a Clogged Sewer Line in Your Boston Home

plumbing contractor BostonWhen it comes tasks related to sewer lines such as cleaning and unclogging, we all need a plumbing contractor in Boston to do this task for us. This is not something an unskilled person can do. It requires the right skills to efficiently finishing the task. Not only that, it also requires the right equipment and tools for the job.

However, there would be times when calling a plumber is not the best idea: drain clog in ungodly hours, lack of extra cash to pay for plumbing service or you simply want to try it yourself because you are interested in plumbing. Here is what you will do:

Before checking anything related to your sewer line, it is recommended that you shut off your main water supply. The shut off valve must be installed near your water heater, garage, in your crawlspace or basement, or outside your home placed inside a water meter box.

Professional plumbers normally clean sewer lines in two steps: by running a drain auger or professional plumber snake and if that doesn’t work, they use a mainline camera to check what’s clogging the main sewer line.

The clog is mainly caused by the following:

  • items flushed inside the toilet such us cloth, toys, and sanitary napkins among others
  • old pipes as it can no longer handle the influx of water and waste especially if you have company at home
  • root intrusion especially in old pipes where roots of nearby trees have intruded over the years

No matter how much interest you have in plumbing, you may not be able to identify the cause of this clog until a mainline camera is in place. So better get the services of a professional Boston plumber to do the job. This task is fairly easy if the right person with the right equipment will do the job. Doing so without the right equipment could mean wasted time, money and effort. Better spend premium money on someone who could do it right the first time.

Drain Cleaning Tips for Your Chicago Home

drain cleaning Chicago

Prior to the ultimate drainpipe clog in your Chicago home, it would certainly demonstrate to noticeable warning signs– indicators that you ought to not consider granted: unusual unpleasant odors, water swimming pool in the shower and also sink takes a bit even more time to drain. After getting rid of surface substances and also excess lumps of hair, absolutely nothing occurs. You put some fluid unblocking chemical, still absolutely nothing happens. And the plunger is not helping either. While others can pull this activity off conveniently and use the drain unblocker like a pro, some are not so blessed.

Below are 4 methods to settle this issue:
Sodium bicarbonate and also Vinegar Combination
This tried and tested blend is economical and works like magic. Mix 1 component cooking soda and 1 component vinegar. Pour over the stopped up drainpipe right away as the fizz developed by the combination will certainly aid get rid of the crud, hair as well as substances that has developed. Let it sit for a hr, preferably over night as well as flush with hot water.

Fish it out with a Cable Hanger
Get a regular steel hanger from your wardrobe and also straighten it out. Develop a tiny hook by flexing one side over. To use this basic but effective tool, press it past the drainpipe cover as well as begin fishing the unpleasant stuff out of the drain. Fish it out, not push it additionally. If you think you currently got every little thing, flush it out with hot water.

Damp & Dry Vacuum cleaner
If you have one, don’t simply let it sit in your storage room. It’s one fantastic tool in unclogging drains pipes. Set it to vacuum fluids, cover the air vent, and also create a tight seal over the drain. In the highest setting, the vacuum cleaner is capable sufficient to attract the clog up the pipeline and also directly right into the vacuum cleaner bag.

Warm water
Steam a pot of water and slowly pour it away in 2– two stages. This permits the hot water to work its magic between each pour. This is without a doubt the quickest and also simplest way to unclog a drainpipe.

If all else fall short, have an expert Chicago plumber do the unclogging for you. Hiring someone competent for the job will save you from any further troubles in the future.

Why Indoor Air Quality is Important for Your Shawnee Home


HVAC maintenance ShawneeIt’s easy to forget how important the air quality of your home is, when you’re so concerned about what the air quality is like outside.  With pollution smogging up our environment, you can easily overlook what the air inside your home is like.  But that is where you should be concerned, after all, your home is your castle!  It is where you eat and sleep, live and play, so why cut corners when it comes to the quality of your indoor air?

  • There are a number of effective ways that you can adopt in your home to ensure that the air you breathe is of the highest quality.
  • One of these is by installing UV Bulbs, which prevents and hinders the growth of mold in your home.
  • Another way is by ensuring that your existing equipment is well maintained and cleaned by professionals on a regular basis.
  • I can’t stress the importance of a clean, well-oiled machine enough to home owners and it’s because it makes sense to look after what you already have!
  • You have already invested in a quality system, and it is your responsibility to look after your investment.
  • If maintenance and cleanliness isn’t the problem, many homeowners find that their air ducts aren’t properly sealed up.
  • Air Conditioning units are typically installed in attics or basements of the home, so that it is nicely tucked out of sight.
  • The air flow then filters through the various ducts in the home, keeping your family cool and refreshed.
  • The only catch is that if the air ducts aren’t properly sealed, then you are bringing in more than a cool breeze on a hot day.
  • Sealing the air ducts correctly will allow the continued flow of air inside the house, rather than allowing whatever is floating around outside the duct from filtering into the home. But this doesn’t mean that you should go around and seal everything up with duct tape!
  • It is important that you call in a professional to do any maintenance or cleaning on an air conditioning unit, to ensure its longevity!

When you leave it to the professionals, then you’re guaranteed to have an AC System that runs smoothly, more efficiently and that lasts! Contact expert HVAC technicians from Shawnee today!

Anyway, let me share this video with you that features HVAC maintenance tips for homeowners! I hope this turns out useful!